Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thuja Socks & more.........

These are the Thuja socks I had promised to post a picture of.. I am working on the foot of the brother sock, so they should be done soon, I hope. I love this pattern, and hope to try them out with some different yarn in the future. I will be sending these socks to "AKKOL", they will take them to Russia to the orphanage for a graduating young man. I will also be knitting a hat and scarf for him.

I am so surprised that today is my dear son and daughter inlaws 1st anniversary. Sure does not seem like we were in Cincinnati one year ago, Celebrating!

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Mamateja said...

Thank you for your blog comment. I used 72 sts on size 2. I knit from the top down for 8 inches before starting the heel flap on 36 sts. Since dh has quite a high instep, I had 19 slipped sts up each side of the heel. I had dh try the sock on when I thought it was about long enough .... after three tries it was long enough! If you have any more questions, email me. I could also type out the various parts of different patterns that I used in the socks, if you would like.