Sunday, November 30, 2008

How I'm spending the day...

The weekend is about over! So I have been trying to get a pair of Dragon fly socks done. They were started back in June (I think). I have had to frog part of them today, as I totally messed up the heel.. That is life, I guess...LOL..

I've also tried a recipe for sausage balls. I am looking for some interesting foods for the Christmas holiday. I think I need to play with the recipe I tried today, as they seem rather bland to me...

Enjoy your day...

Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving was a wonderful day!
We got together with family members. Our son and his lovely wife came home. They traveled 3 hours to have dinner with family... There is something so sweet about seeing Jason and Amanda.. They are expecting their first child in early march. So it was so wonderful to see how they have been these past few months..
We actually had dinner at my brothers and boy was there some delicious food there. There was a total of 10 of us... My brother, his wife, there 2 kids and my nieces boyfriend, my dad was there and my dh and I and Jason and Amanda.

Someday I hope to move closer to my son and his family..

I sure do miss those kids!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Already?!

Where did the time go? I can not believe I have not posted in almost a month.. Gee I am getting terrible.. Can't keep up with the important stuff, lol...

I have been busy knitting for a baby charity group, knitting for the baby boy to be! Also have been thinking about knitting something for dh.. Knitting seems to be one thing that keeps me grounded these days..

I have been trying to decide on which quilt to make for baby boy.. He will be here before we know it.. I am going to make him a scotty dog quilt... The hand applique will take the longest, so I had better be thinking about getting started...

Have a great weekend everyone!