Monday, February 18, 2008

How would you spend a perfect day?

If money were no object, and the day was just perfect - not to hot, not too cold, sun shining,

slight breeze - how would you spend a perfect day out that had been given to you in the middle

of a cold and blustery winter?

I would probably spend the day riding in the car, looking for some yarn shops. I might even take a trip to my friends shop in Michigan, in fact I know I would. Of course I would hope dh had the day off so we could spend it together......Then we would stop and have lunch and after that I would come home, relax and maybe cat nap!

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Cathy said...

read my blog to find out what to do ... oh yeah ... sending you some books IF i manage to rise .. it's 27 degrees out .. i wanna stay in bed & read & drink chai lattes