Monday, April 28, 2008

Coffe and Yarn swap topic #5

You know with Spring the famous saying goes "April Showers, bring May flowers", please tell us what you like to do when those April Showers are pouring down on you. Do you like to curl up with your knitting, take in a movie or crawl back in bed?

when it is pouring down the rain I like to do several things.. Not all at the same time..
*One thing I love to do is read.. most likely a good mystery.
* Absolutely love to sit in front of the TV and Knit my little heart out..
* You might find me laying in bed watching a good movie..
* Or you could find me in bed with a good book, my knitting, watching a movie and drinking a cup of Java!


Nautical Knitter said...

Hopefully, you are staying dry and beginning to have warmer days!

Dorothy said...

I would love a nice cuddly day in front of a movie with some knitting and some hot chocolate (not a big coffee fan unless it's iced with chocolate in it).

It's rainy here today, and I go SO go for that!

FruitfulSpirit said...

Definitely snuggled in bed doing something. Usually knitting and listening to the cats purr while watching something mindless on TV. But we haven't had a hard down pour in so long I would probably go out and dance in if first! :)