Friday, August 10, 2007

MS3 Lace Knitting.......

I'll bet you are all shocked to see me post again this month, (ROFLOL).. Well I have been in the MS3 KAL. I am "WAY" behind, but that is ok! I'm having fun with it, and I feel if I'm not pressured then maybe I'll make fewer mistakes... So I'm posting a picture. I think I'm on row 88 or 89. It's knit in black yarn I had and I think it will be a gift for my "SWEET" daughter inlaw, maybe for Christmas.

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Melanie said...

Your MS3 is looking great! I hope you're enjoying the knitalong. By the way, the sock blockers on my blog today are from The Loopy Ewe (there's a link in my sidebar). Thanks for your comment.

I love your oatmeal waffles below, by the way!