Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I had no idea I had been knitting the K stitch wrong. What I mean by this is; I was always knitting it in the back. Now I have a question for you knitters, what is the difference in the end product if I always knit the K stitch in the back opposed to knitting it In the front unless otherwise specified? I have noticed my speed is better when I used to always knit in the back. But hey, I wanna do this the right way!

On another note, I finished one of the Creme Heart socks, I am positive I won't have time this year to cast on it's mate, but that is ok. I'll post a picture, tomorrow, I hope!


Ursula said...

Oh no! I think it twists the stitch slightly. You'll probably get pretty fast knitting the front stitches soon enough. Maybe you want to try Continental? Much faster and easy to catch on :) I'm still learning new things and I've been knitting for 7 years!

Dorothy said...

Hmm, I know it does something different, but not so different that the average person would notice. My cousin always knits through the back too. Although, sometimes instructions say KTB, and that wouldn't be any different for you. Huh. I have a feeling it's not that big of a deal (but, SHHH, don't tell any super knitters I said that.)