Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FFB~ Question #4

It's a crisp, cool, sunny Sunday in October - the sky is clear, there's a bit of a breeze, and the leaves have already started to change.
How would you spend your day to best celebrate and enjoy the season? Oh I might be tempted to sit on the back porch with a hot cup of coffee and my knitting and watch for deer in the field behind our home. That would be very relaxing....
Are you at home curled up with tea and a book and a window open to enjoy the breeze? If we had a window seat in our house you just might find me with a good book and a "DELICIOUS" cup of tea. (One of my favorite beverages)
Do you head out on a long drive and hike through the mountains to see the trees? I'm not much for hiking through the mountains, but you just might find me, dh and our dog at the park taking a stroll!
Go find pumpkins and colored corn to decorate? Now this used to be a fun activity when our boys were young. I still love the look of pumpkins and colored corn on the front porches of homes.
Tell us about your special day! This year my sepcial day will be spent at school with the children in our class celebrating Halloween!

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