Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First time Blogger!

Hi everyone! Well this is my first time blogging. So Please bear with me. Thought I should give a small introduction. I sure don't want to bore you....

I have been knitting for about 3 years, I'm self taught and have tons yet to learn. I also work full time at a school for children with autism. I absolutely LOVE my job :O), Knitting is my way of relaxing.. It is a stress reliever...

I am getting ready for my son's wedding here in a few short weeks, so I really need to knit lots ,LOL!

I currently have several projects in the making.. And my friend Cathy has talked me into starting another, she says it is a no brainer...Still need to get the yarn for the shawl.

Thanks for reading and I hope I was not TOO BORING!

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